A simple way to start feeling better

for anyone experiencing anxiety or panic.

tools for naturally calming your nervous system, reclaiming your breath, and remembering who you are.

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I've been there. Believe me.

October 19, 2009 - I was 4 steps into a crosswalk when I was struck by a car. This was a life-changing moment. I didn't die. And I had no idea in that moment how much pain was waiting for me when the shock wore off. It's a long story, and I will tell it to you... but inflammation and mysterious illness became my new normal for more than a decade.

And I believe I can help you too...

I felt stuck. I worried nothing could really help. Not in any lasting way. And then a friend offered a reiki session and everything changed.

I remember it vividly. I was sitting behind my friend, Jess, in a Trauma Seminar while attending Northwest Nazarene University. We were grad students working towards our counseling degrees. Jess was a reiki practitioner and I had never heard of reiki.

I was pretty skeptical when she offered. It seemed too woo-woo. I had tried everything. But over the course of this trauma class it was becoming obvious that what was really wrong with me was that I had a lot of untreated medical trauma and I needed a way to get rid of it so that I could start feeling better and get on with the work of helping others.

So I said yes. And, it was woo-woo. It was also exactly what I needed.

That’s where the 8 Elements of Embodiment Course comes in.

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

  • You feel like your body is out of control.

  • Stress and unknowns feel really scary.

  • You've been in pain for quite some time.

  • You've tried everything you can think of... except this.

You wish there was a better way to…

  • Feel "normal."

  • Recover your whole self once again.

  • Handle panic and anxiety attacks naturally.

I can show you how.

Just imagine...


To live through big emotions and not be overpowered by them.


how your nervous system really works and how to work with it not against it.


that will get you moving forward naturally, and powerfully toward your whole self.

Gentle Practices

Self compassion and nervous system regulation is key. I can show you how.

INTRODUCING Riding the Wave: A Holistic Approach to Anxiety mini-course.

"Finally…there's something that really works!"

So YOU Can get back to your life,

without being hijacked by panic or anxiety attacks.

I cannot wait for you to experience the results of this Holistic Approach to Anxiety mini-course work for you!

It is completely possible to befriend your nervous system and understand your triggers while using natural proven tools to alleviate your panic and anxiety.

So, I’ve put together a mini-course overflowing with tools to get you back in your body again.

Riding the Wave is the easiest, most cost-effective way to get you there.

Riding the Wave: A Holistic Approach to Anxiety, mini-course gives you everything you need to quickly + easily reclaim your life and health.

I call this course Riding the Wave because we are never immune to emotions, stress, or overwhelm, but we are able (with the right tools) to learn to ride the wave of our emotions without feeling like we are drowning.

Let's take a closer look...

Understand your Nervous System, Finally!

I walk you through the in's and out's of what is really driving you.

Holistic Tools that work, Fast!

I cover my favorite and most effective and fast acting tools to get rid of panic/anxiety and show you exactly how to put these into practice today.


As always, I am sharing the resources I find most helpful, practical, and natural.

Riding the Wave: A Holistic Approach to Anxiety

Befriending your Nervous System will have you feeling better fast.

Anxiety/panic is never fun and when it rears it's ugly head out of the blue, it can feel like it might never leave. While it is impossible to banish only negative emotions, we can learn to ride the wave of our emotions without feeling like you've been left for dead on the shore when the storm finally fades. Here's what I can do: I can resource you so well that you can breathe easily, practice the tools, and start feeling better quickly.

Are you in? Are you ready?

Product Price = $49

These things only work if you do. If you have tried everything else, it's probably time to help yourself to the natural tools that will lead you back to yourself. Finally