Taking Complaints

Do you ever feel like you are spending your days just taking complaints?

I have lately. Summer school students complain about reading homework... normally chatty neighbors are grumbling about their lives... It's hard to stay positive when everyone around you is cranky. It's putting me in a bad mood. And maybe it's the humidity, but Oliver is suddenly allergic to the grass... he's not in high spirits either... he's just itchy.

I've found a trick over the years that always make me feel better. Some people go for chocolate or a bottle of wine. Sure. A warm bath with pretty smelling candles. I totally get it.

This might sound weird but I clean out my closets. For some reason, lightening my load, clearing away some clutter helps me find some focus. I breath easier.

Also, I watched a documentary on Netflix the other day: Tiny: A Story about Living Small. It was about the "tiny house" movement which I never knew existed and now I'm sort of obsessed with. People build and live in homes that are less than 200 sq. ft. Now, don't get me wrong, I really don't want to live in such a confined space. I think the intriguing thing about it is the freedom these people gain when they pay cash for and build themselves a home... suddenly their things don't own them...

I recently had a birthday and I've been thinking about what I want my life to look like. Making plans for an uncertain future seems almost futile, and yet - full of possibilities.

Can we quit complaining, please!?