A Comedy Chaser

I made it home this morning in record time considering it's a holiday weekend. As I unpacked, I turned on a movie... Children of Heaven. I'd never seen it before... it won major awards. It's also the saddest movie. Maybe ever. An Iranian (?) brother and sister, very poor and still in grade school... lose the sisters only pair of shoes and they spend the whole movie sharing a single pair of converse sneakers while trying desperately to find her shoes before their parents find out. Sometimes the thing we are so desperate for is incredibly simple and totally out of reach. It was gut wrenching. But you should see it. 

I almost put on my PJ's after that... I almost let that be the end of my weekend... But then I noticed that my friend Skylar was performing a short stand-up act in Burbank... We met up for a quick bite and and walked over to the club... Flappers in Burbank. It was fun. And funny. This last part was a relief... (What would I do if it didn't go well? Cause I am a terrible actress.) On a side note, I think stand-up comics are super brave.

He was fantastic! And the show overall was tons of fun. A much better way to close the weekend. 

Good night. Tomorrow will be full of lesson planning. 

Making, Giving, Living

It's Thanksgiving Eve. I'm doing laundry and packing to make the trip to San Diego in the morning. I've had Christmas music blasting since about 6:30am and it probably isn't going to stop all day. I've also been thinking through all the things I want to make for friends for Christmas. I think that's my favorite part of the holiday: making things to give to people I love and the music. The gatherings. 

I'm dreaming up new project ideas... new surprises. I have no idea what this season will look like for my family but I am sure there will be lots of making and living and giving in our own way.

I'd post a picture but right now, it's all in my head. More soon!

May your Thanksgiving be warm, sweet, and full of people you love!