The Center Holds True

I had no intention of taking a summer hiatus from this blog... but that's what happened. 

It was a tremendous summer... Graduation, a completed masters thesis, Yale, a trip to Seattle and Longmire Washington, a family vacation in the mountains, I picked an whole lot of tomatoes from my garden, settled more fully into a little house in Altadena, taught creative writing at an artists camp... and the essay that, 3 years ago, gave me my first real rejection letter finally redeemed itself... that same essay got me hired to teach freshman English at Biola University. 

The day I was hired at Biola was also the day that my Dad was diagnosed with stage 2 prostate cancer. It feels nearly impossible to hold both of those things at the same time. I'm amzed at how a single phone cal can change the course of your life and how two in the same afternoon can bring you to your knees. But somewhere in the center of all this we lean in and find strength. The road ahead is not certain but today is brand new. I am choosing to be grateful for this.

I prefer to think of us like this... just dumb enough to jump out of a plane together!

And if you say a prayer for my family - make it a big one.