Book Shelves

Two things:

First, I ordered new bookshelves and they are going to be delivered today. I'm excited so I just thought I'd share. Then, I ran across a slideshow at Apartment Therapy that gives pictures of Authors bedrooms/workspaces... A few are inspiring and a few make me think of an insane assylum. I read somewhere recently that you should never sleep where you work. It's bad for you. Right now, this is just how it is. Hence, new bookshelves. I'll have to post some pictures soon.

And #2:

I've recently discovered when I say that my thesis is about my accident, people start recommending non-fiction books about horrible things happening to people. Yikes. I just finished a great book called, "Strange Piece of Paradise" by Terri Jentz. She's a screenwriter now and I had the chance to meet her this week in class. Her book is about a bike trip she took. A madman, ran over her tent while she was sleeping and proceeded to take a hatchett to her and her best friend. It''s her journey of finding the perpetrator and making sure that other victims of violence are able to navigate the justice system. 

I asked Terry what it was like to still be telling this same story after so many years. She laughed and said that "after a while I just start sounding like a cartoon version of myself." I have felt that way about my own accident and it was such a treat to meet her after I had connected so deeply with her book. 

Now, I'm reading "Three Dog Life" by Abigail Thomas. This is her story of when her husband was hit by a car and suffered a massive head injury that has left him with almost no memory and confined him to a nursing home. It's not a comedy. But I am loving every page. Her style is beautiful and while I do not want her life, I'd really love to be able to write like she manages to do in this book.

Today I ordered "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed about hiking the Pacific Coast Trail. I've read excerpts of her work in other classes and I can't wait to dive into her calamitous adventure. I also ordered, "Not By Accident" by Samantha Dunn about another accident. This time on a horse. I've read some of her short essays and they are always fun.

So this is what I get when I start talking about my accident. Can anyone please recommend some reading material that is about happy, sweet things? Please?


Reading & Writing

USC just posted the reading I did a few weeks ago. I come on at 37 minutes in... I hope you enjoy it!

Lately, my family has taken to group texting each other pictures of what we made for dinner, scoring them, and determining a winner. Or, rather, someone declares that him or herself the winner. It usually starts out with, "Hey, while you're all here..." It's getting a bit out of hand. Last weekend, when this all started, I went to dinner with a friend. My phone was on vibrate in my purse for 2 hours. As we were leaving, I noticed that I had 40 unread text messages waiting for me. Not to be outdone, I snapped a pic of my to-go P.F.Changs bag. I did not win.

This was the start of last nights: Spencer declared himself the winner before we even had a chance.


Hilarity ensues. Do all these texts count as writing towards my thesis?

We've definitely found a way to crowd in on one another like a rowdy litter of wriggling puppies. May the funniest text win!