Run Your World

My Barefoot ShoesHere's my question:  Why on earth would anyone pay for shoes that give you the feeling of being barefoot. Is this like that old story about the Emperers new clothes?

Because it's January and everyone I know has resolved to eat better and actually use their gym memberships, I have been researching shoes. Running shoes. I haven't been able to run since my accident over 2 years ago and I miss it. I never thought I would say that but, I do. I miss running.

I climbed Mount Whitney in my last pair of Merrell's and lived to tell about it. I love Merrell shoes. 

So, these are my new Merrell's. The website said that the if I was better connected to the ground, I would find a better balance which would make me stronger and my stride more efficient... I'm sure they were talking about my physical body but I could use this in every other aspect of my life. Right? 

I've been wearing them for a week. I'm hooked. These are my favorite shoes. I'm not getting paid to say this. It took a few days to get used to them. The website said this would be true. After about 3 wears, I noticed that at night when I get into bed, my left hip (injured in my accident) no longer ached. At all. 

I have a lot of work to do before I am strong enough to run again, but these little barefoot shoes are going to take me there. My only issue with these shoes is that my feet get cold easily... Good thing I also ordered cowboy boots from DSW.


What I Do Instead

I'll start with a quote I came across this morning from Charles Dickens. "Do everything you possibly can but don't make such a fuss about it."

The new year is in full swing. I start back at USC tomorrow night. I think I'm ready.

Then again, I have found ways of distracting myself from actually writing. 

That's right.
I paint my nails.
This week they are a glittery royal blue. Last week they were a calm lavendar.
Added bonus: When you don't buy the fast drying nail polish, this little task could potentially take up your entire afternoon.
I know.
There is a tiny chance that I am avoiding something.
The truth is, I've been searching for my "word of the year"... the theme that will carry me through thesis writing, graduation, a budding etsy store and creative partnership, and a rather daunting Yale Writers Conference Application... One word might not be enough. I'm not overwhelmed. All of these things are very good things. I catch myself feeling so grateful. My list for this year is long and varied. I have no idea what my life will look like come next year.
I can't wait to find out.