Word of the Year

Last year, my word was of the year was: Enjoy. It was a great year. Full of travel and accomplishing big things. It was also filled with uncertainty and risk and blind flying leaps that left me breathless. I'm thankful for every minute of it. But what should my word for 2013 be?

Really it should be theme of the year... There is no single word... I can only get it down to a phrase.

In 2013, I will be saying: Yes to the Good Things!

Yes to trying new things. Yes to speaking (writing) the truth. Yes to finding new ways to love people and bring people together. Yes to taking the time to celebrate all the good and beauty that is happening.

I hope that you'll join me!


I found It

My word for the year. It's taken some time but I think I've come up with the word that I want to sum up all that us going on right now and in the coming months.

Drum roll please:


Now that I have my word, I am itching to make some art with it... any ideas? Send them my way... And I will let you know what I come up with.

Enjoy your day!