I Write Everything Down

In class, I've been talking with my students about S.M.A.R.T. goals and how to begin to implement real change in our lives. But it has got me thinking about the ways I set goals for myself. I write everything down. I know I'm not the only one on the planet who does this, but still... I live by lists and this is not always convenient...

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Making Lists

I pretty much live by lists... I'm always typing into my phone the things I need at Fresh and Easy, the crafty art projects I want to try, the people I'm supposed to email, the students who asked a question and I promised I'd get back to them, the things I need to get done... Playlists are more fun than the list of bills to pay... I'm even jotting notes about writing I want to do... My most recent essay also happened to fall under the list catagory: the list of things you should know before asking me out on a date. Maybe I'll get the courage to share that one with you someday. Until then, I've made a list of places on the web that you might like as you begin to think about christmas shopping:

Sky Pie Apparel - Fun shirts with a positive message. Trust me. You'll love these!

Brave Girls Club - Online art classes and so much more!

Darling Magazine - A magazine and a movement for the Darling women in your life.

Spread Creative - Hannah and I are working on christmas goodies... I'll be posting about that very soon. Stay tuned.