Freedom and a Playlist

How can it possibly be the 4th of July already?! Seriously. 

This morning I took Oliver for his walk around the neighborhood. Six different times, Oliver stopped to greet passing strangers. These kind neighbors commented on his festive mood, his holiday spirit. He's always this way. I think if Oliver were on FaceBook he would have more friends than me. This is not a complaint - merely an observation. He's not the shy, small puppy I brought home almost a year and a half ago. He used to be afraid of everything. These days, he stays clear of bikes and skateboards on the sidewalk and at home, he avoids me when I have a squirt bottle in my hand.

Today, I am staying home, cleaning house, playing music, maybe a little quilting... the fireworks will be 2 blocks away and I don't want to lose my parking space: #beachcityproblems

Lately, I've been obsessed with Lord Huron on Pandora... maybe I'm late to this party, but these are a few of my favorite songs right now: