A Stitching Day

Yesterday got away from me. It rained here all day and I never left the house but I was busy all day. I've been trying to come up with some Christmas Designs for my Craftsy site over at Spread-Creative.

I start with a line drawing, transfer it to fabric. I like using blank canvas or linen... Then I choose my colors and make it happen:

My fingers are tired this morning!

These designs have not been uploaded yet. My goal is to get them up by Monday. So please check back and feel free to pin anything you like... and follow me on pinterest!

Today, my roommate and I are decking our halls for Christmas!

Show & Tell

In the last few weeks I have recieved two gifts from two great girlfriends. Last night, I noticed that when I held them together (the gifts, not the friends) they say so much about my life... Let me show you:

Blank books that say a whole lot!

Speaking of giving... I've been talking about my group of girlfriends on here for some time... we meet on Thursday nights to chat and pray together... and celebrate every little thing. Last night we exchanged valentines... a bit early. I had so much fun making these for the girls:

Raggedy heart valentine.

I'll post the instructions on how to make your own over at Spread Creative later today... You still have time to whip a few up for your girlfriends or sisters or daughters before valentines day! And if you make one, send me a picture!

Ok, last thing for now:

Mark your calanders for February 24th 2012, 7:30pm at Vroman's Bookstore here in Pasadena I am going to be reading (trying out some new material) as part of the USC Student/Faculty reading series. I will be reading along with 4 other students and Gabrielle Pina. It will fun and I would especially love it if you joined us... its free and open to the public.


What I Do Instead

I'll start with a quote I came across this morning from Charles Dickens. "Do everything you possibly can but don't make such a fuss about it."

The new year is in full swing. I start back at USC tomorrow night. I think I'm ready.

Then again, I have found ways of distracting myself from actually writing. 

That's right.
I paint my nails.
This week they are a glittery royal blue. Last week they were a calm lavendar.
Added bonus: When you don't buy the fast drying nail polish, this little task could potentially take up your entire afternoon.
I know.
There is a tiny chance that I am avoiding something.
The truth is, I've been searching for my "word of the year"... the theme that will carry me through thesis writing, graduation, a budding etsy store and creative partnership, and a rather daunting Yale Writers Conference Application... One word might not be enough. I'm not overwhelmed. All of these things are very good things. I catch myself feeling so grateful. My list for this year is long and varied. I have no idea what my life will look like come next year.
I can't wait to find out.