In Print

It's always seems so funny/weird to see my name in print. But I just got an email from the Western Regional Conference on Christianity and Literature  - I've been asked to speak. I also ge tto be a part of the reading at the opening reception. This feels like an honor/humbling learning experience. I should start really practicing what I will say and read...

And speaking of things being "in print" I've been putting new cards and patterns up on Etsy. I'm really excited with how my profile of Oliver came out:

Super cute, right!?


Open it

I hope your Christmas was filled with joy and wonder. I've decided my favorite part of Christmas comes right after I hear myself issue this command: Open it! Open it! 

Making bright pink leg warmers for my niece, Payton; and a gray scarf for my nephew, Cole was fun but seeing them wear it was more than fun.

And then, tonight I got to celebrate Christmas with "the girls"... and I got to give them these:

These two are not fans of getting their picture taken... hence the B&W.

Oh what fun!


Making, Giving, Living

It's Thanksgiving Eve. I'm doing laundry and packing to make the trip to San Diego in the morning. I've had Christmas music blasting since about 6:30am and it probably isn't going to stop all day. I've also been thinking through all the things I want to make for friends for Christmas. I think that's my favorite part of the holiday: making things to give to people I love and the music. The gatherings. 

I'm dreaming up new project ideas... new surprises. I have no idea what this season will look like for my family but I am sure there will be lots of making and living and giving in our own way.

I'd post a picture but right now, it's all in my head. More soon!

May your Thanksgiving be warm, sweet, and full of people you love!


Show & Tell

In the last few weeks I have recieved two gifts from two great girlfriends. Last night, I noticed that when I held them together (the gifts, not the friends) they say so much about my life... Let me show you:

Blank books that say a whole lot!

Speaking of giving... I've been talking about my group of girlfriends on here for some time... we meet on Thursday nights to chat and pray together... and celebrate every little thing. Last night we exchanged valentines... a bit early. I had so much fun making these for the girls:

Raggedy heart valentine.

I'll post the instructions on how to make your own over at Spread Creative later today... You still have time to whip a few up for your girlfriends or sisters or daughters before valentines day! And if you make one, send me a picture!

Ok, last thing for now:

Mark your calanders for February 24th 2012, 7:30pm at Vroman's Bookstore here in Pasadena I am going to be reading (trying out some new material) as part of the USC Student/Faculty reading series. I will be reading along with 4 other students and Gabrielle Pina. It will fun and I would especially love it if you joined us... its free and open to the public.