Making Lists

I pretty much live by lists... I'm always typing into my phone the things I need at Fresh and Easy, the crafty art projects I want to try, the people I'm supposed to email, the students who asked a question and I promised I'd get back to them, the things I need to get done... Playlists are more fun than the list of bills to pay... I'm even jotting notes about writing I want to do... My most recent essay also happened to fall under the list catagory: the list of things you should know before asking me out on a date. Maybe I'll get the courage to share that one with you someday. Until then, I've made a list of places on the web that you might like as you begin to think about christmas shopping:

Sky Pie Apparel - Fun shirts with a positive message. Trust me. You'll love these!

Brave Girls Club - Online art classes and so much more!

Darling Magazine - A magazine and a movement for the Darling women in your life.

Spread Creative - Hannah and I are working on christmas goodies... I'll be posting about that very soon. Stay tuned.