Today was all about walking and talking and it's not over yet... I started the say with iced tea (it was 90 degrees here) and a walk with Sarah... there was window shopping and girl talk... we talked about important things like how early is too early to put up Christmas decorations. I love the sisterhood we have shared over the years. And I love that she came all the way from the westside to spend time with me. 

Then, I went to a former Professors (Sandra Tsing Lo's) home for what is usually a reading by a local author... this time is was a chance to meet and chat with Patt Morrison (formerly of KPCC). This vibrant community of people is such a surprise to me... makes paying back student loans worth it...

And the day is not over yet!

What I Do Instead

I'll start with a quote I came across this morning from Charles Dickens. "Do everything you possibly can but don't make such a fuss about it."

The new year is in full swing. I start back at USC tomorrow night. I think I'm ready.

Then again, I have found ways of distracting myself from actually writing. 

That's right.
I paint my nails.
This week they are a glittery royal blue. Last week they were a calm lavendar.
Added bonus: When you don't buy the fast drying nail polish, this little task could potentially take up your entire afternoon.
I know.
There is a tiny chance that I am avoiding something.
The truth is, I've been searching for my "word of the year"... the theme that will carry me through thesis writing, graduation, a budding etsy store and creative partnership, and a rather daunting Yale Writers Conference Application... One word might not be enough. I'm not overwhelmed. All of these things are very good things. I catch myself feeling so grateful. My list for this year is long and varied. I have no idea what my life will look like come next year.
I can't wait to find out.