I've spent the entire day catching up on reading for class. "Half the Sky" is a gut wrenching manifesto on the plight of women around the world. As I was reading, I came across the story of Edna. She was the first Somali woman to learn to drive, the first to become a qualified nurse-midwife. She married the prime minister of Somalia in the 1960's but later divorced. Her big dream was to build a women's hospital in Somalia because, "she didn't want her legacy to be a Mercedes: She wanted it to be a hospital."

It's left me wondering what my legacy will be. How will I leave my unique mark on the world. The art cards I made the other day have been sitting next to me on my desk... they read: She made a difference anyway, She spread her wings anyway, She kept climbing anyway, She stayed on her path anyway, She spread hope anyway, She did it anyway... I hope mine lands somewhere in this vein...

Tomorrow morning I'll be asking my students to think about their legacies.