I'm so thankful for the days I get to work from home... As I was catching up on boring stuff around the house all morning, I queued up old Hitchcock movies. I started with North By Northwest.

North by Northwest

I noticed the credits only listed 2 people in charge of the stunts... that never happens anymore. Then, I put in "Charade"... This is a fun one with all sorts of twists and turns and Audrey Hepburn.


Next up, "To Catch a Thief"... I think my Netflix is going to assume that I have a thing for Cary Grant.

I've decided I love Hitchcock style suspense but only in the movies... I'd like a bit less suspense in real life! If I could get my way, I'd ask for only good surprises from now until the end of the year. We can renegotiate in 2013.