On Valentine's Day

At the risk of sounding cynical on what is otherwise a lovely day, when did those little conversation hearts start using such possessive and co-dependent language?


In response, I'm spending tonight carving my February block prints. Very soon, they might resemble these templates:

Can't wait to print these sweet cards!

The Depth of Winter

Well, I know it's been a good day when I realize my hands are covered in ink.

Ink on paper. What could be better...

I've posted my 2nd January print in my Print Shop

You just might need one...

Maybe you've been stuck inside because of the weather. Maybe you just feel stuck or cold or you've been waiting to feel the sunlight on your shoulders. Maybe Albert Camus can remind you... we create so much light on our own. Your light is invincible! I hope you know that.

 Also, I'm offering my blockprinting class at half off with the coupon code: YES