Balance: Mindfulness and Lent in Practice

At it's core, mindfulness exercises are meant to help you center yourself in the present moment. It's used in stress reduction therapy as well as Cognitive Behavioral therapy. Maybe I should mention that I see meditation and mindfulness as a type of prayer.

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Neighborhood Knitting at Hyde Perk

This past Friday night (2/24/17) was the first (of hopefully many) Neighborhood Knitting nights at Hyde Perk Coffee Shop in the heart of the North End in Boise, Idaho. My mom and I had the great pleasure of teaching 15 woman how to knit!

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I Write Everything Down

In class, I've been talking with my students about S.M.A.R.T. goals and how to begin to implement real change in our lives. But it has got me thinking about the ways I set goals for myself. I write everything down. I know I'm not the only one on the planet who does this, but still... I live by lists and this is not always convenient...

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Happy Dance

I turned in my semester grades today... and you just missed my happy dance but it looked a whole lot like this:

Well, not exactly like this... I'm not Hugh Grant, I don't live in London, I'm not pretending to be the Prime Minister... But you get the idea. And Oliver just shakes his head in disbelief:

Also, I am working away on designing an online block printing class... It should be up on Monday. I will post the link for you when I get it! Here's one of the projects:

Get back to work... it's only Wednesday!

Printed Inspiration

I have been obsessed with linocut prints lately. I've been making my own since high school... it's relaxing and the process is slow and fun, the outcome is unique with each print. 

In fact, I have so much fun printing that I am creating an online class to teach linocut print making. It's still in the works but for now, I'd love to show you some links to artists around the web that are really inspiring me lately. Giuliana Lazzerini also has an etsy shop: The Blue Bird Gallery

Her lines are clean but the feeling her images give is fun and spontaneous.

Ken Swanson's etsy shop is filled with really fun images as well.

His perspective is unique and unexpected.

Rebel Road Company is also fun... I can't resist a cowgirl quote!

30 Silent Mockingbirds is another favorite - I'm a sucker for hand lettering! And literary quotes are the cherry on top.

And then I found the Linocut Boy Blog... He's got a great tutorial of his 3 color process... so much fun!

I should probably be grading papers but I hope these prints inspire you... and when I have the link to my class (hopefully by this time next week) I will be sure to pass along coupons and then we can have a virtual printing party. Just in time for Christmas! Who's with me!?