A Pep-Talk the Size of a Mountain

We all have mountains in our lives. These mountains vary widely, but no matter the size of the mountain, we feel small standing in its shadow.


In my own life, and maybe for most women, that mountain looks a lot like a particular type of waiting... waiting to fill the lonely ache for relationship with a mate, for the wholeness of a healthy couple. For some, it's infertility and waiting for the completeness of family to finally arrive. Still, for others, the mountain has nothing to do with emptiness... their lives are overflowing with people, they feel there is no room, not even a moment, to stop and think their own thoughts. Maybe the one kind of mountain we share is really about finding and using our God-given voices in a loud, weary world.

And then I found this saying:

You've been given this mountain to prove it can be moved.

I found myself doodling it. I do that sometimes. It helps me thing through everything on my plate, my own mountains. But, this one was different. What if I wasn't allowed to complain about my mountains? What if, instead, I acknowledged that mountain as a gift I am giving to the world? 

What would change about my inner monologue? 

It snuffs the fire out of any finger pointing on my part. I hope that makes sense. It hands me my power back. It allows me to feel my feelings in an honest way and still, frees me from the label of victim I keep assuming. There is so much grace in this.

I know that our personal mountains are hard to climb, especially alone. Summiting the peaks always feels like a long shot. Sometimes, we need to ask ourselves if this was the battle we were born to fight. The women I know are strong and not afraid to stand up for what is right, their love is fiercely devoted. I feel lucky to know them, I want to be like them. But, sometimes, we wrap ourselves up in the mountains of others. Sometimes we make agreements within our own hearts with a lie that says we are not enough. And these small, childish lies hold us captive and invite us into territories that were never ours to begin with. Realizing this is a grace as well.

Maybe you are looking for a pep talk today. I should warn you, I have never been the cheer leader type. But, I should also tell you, climbing mountains is hard, courageous work. Facing the mountains in our lives reveals what we are truly made of and has a way of stripping away the stuff we thought we needed but really don't. I love that about the mountains. Don't you?

Dear friend, I want you to know you are not alone. I was thinking of you when I inked this saying...

This is Not the End,