Neighborhood Knitting at Hyde Perk

This past Friday night (2/24/17) was the first (of hopefully many) Neighborhood Knitting nights at Hyde Perk Coffee Shop in the heart of the North End in Boise, Idaho. My mom and I had the great pleasure of teaching 15 woman how to knit!


To be clear, my mom and I have each taught many knitting lessons over the years. I taught myself to knit fifteen years ago, after a spectacularly rough breakup. Have you ever been through a season in your life where you just couldn't figure out what to do with your hands? Knitting was one of the only things that forced me to sit still and get busy all at the same time. So, with the help of YouTube, and websites like, PurlBee, and KnitPicks I slowly found my way through a series of stitches and untangled my heart as well. 


After so many years and projects and skeins of yarn, I find there is as much joy in making something for someone else as there is in showing a new friend how to knit. 


Also, I feel like I should mention that it's rough to take on a new skill. It's hard, especially as adults, to be new at something. It takes some guts to say, yes,I'd like to try that. So, when 15 women showed up on Friday night, probably 11 of them had never even held a knitting needle before. But, you know what? They gave it a real shot. They had a sense of humor about it. And, they learned how to knit!


I love the sound of women cheering each other on! We need more of that in the world! 

We have not set the date for the next Neighborhood Knitting Night, but when we do, I'll let you know. Maybe you should join us!

This is Not the End,


P.S. if you are wanting to give knitting a shot, the above websites are very helpful. And these are the simplest supplies to get you started: