The Word for 2017

Late last semester, I showed a Ted Talk to my class. Emilie Wapnick is a career counselor in the Portland, Oregon area. She spoke on why some of us don't have one single true calling and it started me thinking about my own sense of calling. My students enjoyed her talk too. I think it came as a relief to all of us... we don't need to feel forced into one thing. 

But, why is this a relief?

Because there are lots of things that I love. Only choosing one sounds boring and hard. And boring.

And then, right before New Years, I found a workbook by Dale Partridge and his wife: Find your Calling.  And there was that word again: calling. 

But, I know who I am. I know where my strengths lie. I understand what ignites the passion of my heart. I know what makes me feel like I am at my best and when I am able to give others my best. I am, by no means a perfect human, but I'm smart and I'm self aware.

And yet, somehow, I feel like I'm missing something. I feel like I can't quite get my fingers on the career and life and goals that I know I'm capable of achieving.

So, I ordered the book.

I'm glad I did. Not because it's revealing deep hidden secrets. What I'm finding is that it's actually pretty simple. It's reminding me to take stock of who I am and move out from there. 

As I was meditating and praying through these things, a couple different words, bubbled to the surface: core, alignment, balance. They all sorta mean the same thing. But, I think balance actually encompasses all that I mean to establish in 2017.


In my last post, I mentioned 4 areas that I was working on. As this year opens, I am learning to balance all those elements in new ways. I even started a 30 day yoga challenge. I'm working on my physical balance as well as my spiritual balance, emotional balance, financial balance, work balance... you get the picture.

I can't wait to get started! I also can't wait to share it with you. I'm working on a few giveaways, a new book, and a new line of designs. So please stay tuned!

This is Not the End,

Amie Longmire