The New Kid: Journal Prompt #29

This past week I asked my students to write about a time when they were forced to step out and try something new. No one likes to be new at something. It's risky. What if we fail? Or worse, fail if front of a lot of people!

Before we wrote, I showed them Amy Cuddy's Ted Talk on how our bodies change our minds. It's a fantastically compassionate talk about overcoming our social anxieties.

And then, I asked them to think about a moment when they were asked to step out and take a risk, try something new, or a time when they were felt they needed to "fake it 'til they made it."

They started writing and 10 minutes went by. They were still writing so quietly, I didn't dare stop them... this type of thing is rare in my classroom. Finally, as they were slowing down, I asked them to talk about what they had written. And you know what? They shared with such humor and vulnerability. It was a beautiful thing. I mean, we've all been there... we all have to start somewhere.

I say all this only to realize that I just agreed to a little kayaking adventure tomorrow. I've never done this before...

So, this is Journal Prompt #29: Describe a time when you were "the new kid."


Have fun. Go big. There are no wrong answers.

This is Not the End,