No More Orphans: Journal Prompt #30

I've been holding on to this little idea for a long time... maybe since the beginning of the year. And maybe it has something to do with my word for the year: Delight.

I was looking around my church and realizing that most families there had adopted at least one child or where in the process of becoming adoptive parents. Adopting is something I've always secretly wanted to do. While I'm not in a position to adopt just yet, I wanted to find a way to be more involved in the whole process... to set my intentions on it now and work (slowly) toward it.

I also wanted to offer some sort of fun/delightful symbol that others could wear in support of all the passionate adoptive parents out there. So, I drew out a design.


And then, I sort of sat on the idea for a while. Nearly 4 months. I was nervous to put it out there. I was teaching myself to screen print. I was getting ready all the while, I'm not sure what I was waiting for...


This past week, I finally did it. I made the T's and I love the way they turned out. I've even sold a few! A few details: 100% organic, ring spun, cotton. Tag less and pre-shrunk. Unisex sizing so they are super comfy and soft... Available in army green, lake blue, and gray: XS-XXL - And you can order your own here. 50% of all the proceeds go to Adopt Together.


There is something so beautiful about watching children find families! And it is a delight to be a small part of that... even if it's just a t-shirt... who knows what that could do for a family waiting to bring a child home, right?

So, here's my question for you (and it also happens to be Journal Prompt #30) What cause or causes really spark a flame in your heart? Where does that passion come from?


As always, there are no wrong answers here. I'd love to hear what you come up with. Feel free to leave a comment or pick up a T-shirt!

This is Not the End,