My First Snow Shoeing Adventure

I've been down with the flu for almost a week now, so I'd like to forgo the journal prompt just this once. But, I did want to tell you about a little adventure from a couple weeks ago.

My friend and neighbor, Michelle, made it her mission this past winter to get me to take up a winter sport. She thinks surviving the winter is really about finding one thing to enjoy about the season. We decided snow shoeing was a good place to start.

Well, it finally happened. We finally picked an afternoon and I borrowed a pair of snow shoes and put on the snow bib which I have only worn twice and off we went.

There is not a huge amount of snow left at Bogus Basin, but it's only 20 minutes away.


The views were breath taking. The air crisp and clean.


We chatted the whole way and worked pretty hard. It's weird to suddenly have really huge feet.  But the traction the snow shoes gave me was pretty great... We weren't wet and sinking into the snow. It was a terrific way to spend the afternoon.


And, I'm looking forward to many more snow shoeing afternoons!

This is Not the End,