Rest: Journal Prompt #26

Hi guys. It's taken me far longer to recover from this flu than I ever anticipated. It's been two weeks and I am finally starting to feel my normal energy return to me... I'm starting to remember what it feels like to be human again! I'm alive!

It's also daylight savings and the time change is messing with me but I love that it was 8pm and just getting dark last night. Finally, the days are stretching longer. Hopefully more warm sunlight will follow soon.

So, over the past couple weeks I have stayed close to home... Ollie has turned into a real couch potato! I've watched a lot of Netflix. Mostly Downton Abbey and a bunch of documentaries on British history. Quiz me. I bet I know the answer. I've made a lot of tea and soup. I have been laying low... letting myself recover and really rest. And I've discovered, sometimes, recovery doesn't come quickly or easily.

I'm not very good at just sitting still. In fact, knitting or print making are the things I do when I'm sitting still or writing, I guess. I have to sit still to get any writing done. But those things have all felt like work. I've avoided them lately. And I've felt guilty about it. And I've missed those things. And mostly, I've needed the break.

But, Saturday morning was gorgeous. The sun was out and relatively warm, so I took Ollie for a short walk around the North End. I noticed the hibernation of winter pealing back and revealing tiny green leaves in the trees. And then, a tree decked out in white flowers stopped me in my tracks. It seems I don't have to force/strive/power through into new seasons. There is a way to relax into them - to rest and let them happen.


So, here is Journal Prompt #26: What does a day of rest look like for you? Our need for rest has been built into our bodies for very good and healthy purposes. Are you listening to your body and allowing rest? What are the most restful activities you can think of? How long has it been since you've felt really rested?

This is Not the End,