Leap Day: Journal Prompt #25

Here we are again! And today is not just any ordinary Monday. It's Leap Day. It's the day made up of all the extra milli-seconds we've accumulated over the last four years. At least that's how I like to look at it. I'm sure there's a more science-y explanation out there.

There's something I've noticed about myself only recently. If I have the entire day to accomplish a certain task. It will take me all day to complete it. If I only have a couple hours... I will complete it. I've gotten into a habit of taking my time. But, I'm not sure this is a good thing. When I tell myself I'm going to spend an entire day writing, the truth is, I worry all day that I'm not writing and then get the stupid thing written in about twenty minutes. And I will feel like a total failure for having wasted the day worrying about it.

Consequently, I've gotten a little bit smarter with myself. I say, "you've got the next three hours to write that thing you've been thinking about." I'll spend the first hour at my trusty laptop accomplishing other stuff before settling in to write for about an hour. The last hour is about editing, posting new material, and planning the next thing I want to work on.

Here's the lesson. I need to plan my days like a child's birthday party... First we are going to greet people and get to know each other, then we are going to pass out snacks, then we are going to play a game... later there will be cake and presents!

Except, the cake is gluten free, the game is actually work, and by greeting people I'm going to play with my dog. My life is pretty great.

So, here's my question for you today and it's also Journal Prompt #25 just in case you are keeping track: What would you do with more time?


Remember, there's no wrong answer here!

This is Not the End!

Amie Longmire