The Comparison Trap: Journal #23

Gosh, maybe it's the winter months or getting going with new business ventures... but, I've been putting myself "out there" in new and increasingly vulnerable feeling ways. It's an exciting and anxiety-ridden season all at once. 

But, I've noticed the one thing that trips me up, stops me in my tracks, discourages me the most is when I start comparing myself to others. When is this ever a good idea? Never. When I let myself look around and say, that person has my job... or that person wrote the book I wanted to write... or some similar version of this, my own decision making process gets sticky and far more complicated that it ever needs to be.

What should I be doing instead?

I'm only in competition with myself. I should be working hard at whatever is inside of me to produce and asking for help with the rest. I should be putting my best foot forward everyday. That's the best I can do. I should make the most of the time I have, the resources I have, the tribe of support I have, to offer all that I've got to the world around me. I should stop listening to what other people think I should have by now and be grateful that I am still showing up.


Now it's your turn. We are at journal prompt #23! So, are you busy comparing yourself to others, or competing with yourself? How's that working out for you?

This is Not the End,