Please and Thank You

I recieved the sweetest hand written thank you note the other day. There's something so special about getting those. It seems rare in our digital age to see someone's hand writing. And it feels special to know that someone put their phone down long enough to write out a note of gratitude. It's like chivalry, you suddenly realize it's this sort of thing is not dead after all and thank you cards are actually quite pleasant to send and receive.

So, I carved a new thank you card block, and I took a time lapse video of the process. 

Gratitude is a big thing, especially at the beginning of the year... giving thanks for the small things unfolding in our lives increases our awareness of the goodness happening all around us. There are journals for recording it... books published about it... there's even an app for it. I guess it's true - there's an app for pretty much everything!

My Thank you cards are available on my amazon shop. Can you think of a few people who you need to send a note of thanks? I can.

And hey, thanks for reading!

This is not the End,