Accomplishments: Journal Prompt #21

And, here we are again, Monday. That was quick!

Yesterday, after church, the weather seemed to be holding so I walked downtown to wander around and while I was there, an email came from a friend telling me that if I was serious about wanting to learn more about river rafting this summer there was a book I needed to find and read. 

My first thought: Oh goodie, a hobby that requires a hat, life vest, and homework. My second thought, it's freezing out and I really need to start making my summer adventure plans. Let's do this. 

So, I popped into Redicovered Books and asked if they had Paddling the Payette by Stephen Stuebner. Lucky day, they had a single copy left and it was on sale. 

I have a few reasons for telling you this. First, if I go missing this summer, you might try the riverways of Idaho. And, more to my point, this email and the text messages that followed reminded me of the time I answered my cell phone on New years day and said yes to my friend who wanted me to climb Mt Whitney with her that summer. Of course I said yes. How could I say no to an adventure like that? But, I do remember waking up the next morning and thinking, What have I gotten myself into?"

August came, and we climbed and climbed and climbed. We made it to the top and we lived to tell the story. Summitting that big mountain was a huge accomplishment, one I will never forget. But, now there are other mountains to climb, other rivers to conquer. 

Now it's your turn, this is writing prompt #21. What do you consider your greatist accomplishment so far? Why? Would you do it again? Is there something you are working toward accomplishing?


This is Not the End,