Get Some Rest: Journal Prompt #20

Good Morning. Not only is it a Monday, it's the first day of the spring semester. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around actually going to class this afternoon, I have a lot to do. Actually, I just feel a little rushed because I'm on a new campus this semester and I have no idea where the adjunct office is... where the copy machine is... where my classrooms are...

Did you ever have anxiety dreams in High School that you come back from Christmas break, walk up to your locker and can't remember your combination? That's me today. 

I'll be fine. 

The truth is, I woke up feeling rested. Really rested. I mean, Christmas was a whirlwind with family in town, but once the dust settled, I had the chance to lay on the couch and read. I knit a scarf. I cleaned out all my clutter and organized all my art stuff which is taking over my tiny tree house apartment... it might be time to get some official work space this year... I swam at the Y and took the dog on cold, long walks... had dinner with friends and did some writing... When people ask what I did with my break, I tell them I was creating space for big new things this year. 

Maybe rest looks a little different for everyone. Some equate rest with extra sleep and the luxury of laying in bed. I know a few poeple who clean to feel relaxed... I need to invite them over to "relax" at my place.

Others need a glass of wine to relax or a good cup of coffee...

For me, I hate clutter. It bothers me. Papers, mail, receipts pile up especially when I have a mountain of papers to grade. Clutter has a way of interrupting my creative process, even more so since my accident. I lose things quite easily these days... So, getting rid of it invites a new sense of possibility into my space.  I like to make stuff in a clutter free place.

And that, my friends, is what relaxes me.

Now it's your turn, we are on Journal prompt #20. When was the last time you felt really relaxed? What relaxes you? 


This is Not the End,

Amie Longmire