A Year Ago Tomorrow

Tomorrow is August 15th, 2015. On this date last year I was boarding a plane with Oliver to make Boise my home. It's been a wild, whirlwind of a year... filled with lots of new kinds of weather, new friends and neighbors... new jobs... new adventures. 


As I stop and take a breath, I am filled with gratitude to be here. I had no real idea what to expect but here I am. I'm stronger physically... a little less allergic to everything... and taking on new projects I could never have imagined back in Los Angeles. 

I think I will always be a Californian at heart. But, I have come to love it here. Even if the general population of Idaho... especially the North End where I live resents the Californians for driving up home prices... whatever... I live in a tiny treehouse above my parents garage.

This morning I dropped Oliver off at Michelle and Ron's house... friends down the street who I met at church... and my parents and I are driving up to Salmon which is about five hours away. Our bags are packed and tomorrow we are getting on a raft and floating down the "River of No Return." That's what they call it. I think of pirates everytime I say that name. Now, you will too!

We will be on the river for a whole week. Actually I've been blogging about it all summer.

The adventure is only beginning!  And I am hoping to return... although it's a little nervewracking/refreshing to think about unplugging and going off the grid for an extended period of time. 

Say a prayer for fantastic weather while we are out there!