Declaring Your Independence - Journal Prompt #17

The Fourth of July came in with a bang. Aren't fireworks such fun? Most of my family was visiting and together with the neighbors, there was music and fireworks and more food that you can imagine.

So, this is how we celebrate our independence! And it lead us to our next journal prompt:

This is Journal prompt #17 if you are keeping track...

When was the last time you declared your independence? 

Remember, there are no wrong answers here. Independence from what? It could be anything... from an unhealthy relationship to another person... or habit? From fear or depression or anxiety? From the kids for an evening? 

I've been sneaking up to Bogus Basin, after work one evening a week. It feels so good to drive away from everything for a little while. It's cooler up there and quiet. Last week, I was minding my own business, hiking with Oliver when we were stopped for a few minutes by five guys on mountain bikes preparing to ride back down to the lodge. I found myself a little annoyed. Bikes make Ollie a little nervous and he was getting in their way. I had set a timer and wanted to beat last weeks time. 

After a few minutes, the guys were on their way and Oliver and I were free to make our way to the car. So, I took a deep breath and ran the whole way down. It felt so freeing to move like that. 

The best part was when I stopped at the bottom to take a drink of water from my CamelBack and turned around to see where we had been. At that moment, all five cyclists came riding down. They were visibly shocked to learn that I had beat them down the mountain... It was at least a mile and a full thousand feet of elevation.

I've never been much of an athlete. That was never my thing, but after my accident, this sort of movement was out of the question... not any more!

Now it's your turn! Go!


This is Not the End,

Amie Longmire