Your vocation and a Journal Prompt #18

The last few weeks have been a blur and big changes are on the way. But's got me thinking, about all the things we set out to do when we are young... what happens to those dreams? Some we let go of out of necessity, we can't all be Taylor Swift. Some we grow out of... years of high school sprts don't lead to full ride scholarships for all of us. But, others we hang on to with all our might. It's our vocation - where our work and our search for meaning converge. 

I've been told I was telling stories in some form or another since the moment I gripped my first crayon. I grew up tall and quietly listening for comedic pacing and dramatic structure.

The thing is, our stories are rarely simple or tidy. So, I taught myself to make things, to keep my hands busy... listening is hard when you don't know what to do with your hands. 

I find that I am most at rest within my soul when I am in the process of storytelling or helping someone unfold their own story... and when I am making things. 

Now it's your turn: this is journal prompt #18 - What did you set out to become when you were young? How's that working out for you?


This is Not the End,