From Scratch - Journal Prompt #16

Well, my sister and her family are visiting from San Diego this week and over the weekend, to beat the heat, my mom, my sister and I decided to sew a little pattern... The pattern said this was a two hour project. They lied. It took two days!

Written directions are difficult for me... but it was a fun process. And we walked away with new little pj boxer shorts. So, despite the setbacks and the fact that we became extremely good at ripping seams out and starting all over again, it was a total success. I'm not going to lie, it was also frustrating. But look how cute these turned out:


And this leads me to this week's journal prompt. 

We are at Journal #16 - Make something from scratch and write about the process. It should be something you enjoy very much, something that makes you lose track of time once you are engrossed in it. Some people bake, others, sculpt or paint... It doesn't really matter what it is, just pick something you are passionate about and see where the afternoon takes you!

Good luck!

This is Not the End,