Your Father's Stories: Journal Prompt #15

I've been thinking about Father's day... and how influential a dad is in a child's life. And, somehow with me at least, it always comes back to the stories we are telling with our lives. 

At an early age, our stories are wholly informed by our parents. The stories they tell us at bedtime or otherwise become the narrative we carry into our adulthood. 

I remember my father used to read to my sister and I at bedtime. I was on the top bunk, my sister nestled in the bottom, while dad read to us from a huge picture book bible with vividly illustrated stories. David and Goliath, Noah's Ark, Moses and Passover, Daniel in the lions den... Stories of battles and adventures, faith and redemption. 

I also realize that not everyone get's this sort of father. But, It's important to be honest about our experience so that we can tell a better story with our own lives.

Hence, writing prompt #15 - What stories did your father tell you?


Happy writing!

This is Not the End,