Family Flag: Journal Prompt #14

In honor of Flag day, I thought this little journal prompt would be fun...

Journal Prompt #14:

Design your family flag. Countries have flags. States have flags. Schools have flags... Why not a family flag. My Scottish heritage keeps track of it's lineage through clans. They have flags. 

So, what if your family had a flag? What colors or symbols would you use. You can even do a little digging into your ancestry to come up with some ideas. 

Then, write down why you made the choices that you did. This is a fun exercise to do in a group setting... It's always so surprising what people come up with!

This is sort of a first attempt.

I carved this linoleum block and inked it for everyone in my family. We had earned our wings a few weeks prior when my brother forced us all to jump out of a plane. It's a story we all look back on with pride. Though, at the time, I wasn't sure we were going to live through it.


This is Not the End,