Weather Permitting: Journal Prompt #12

A couple nights ago, I was sound asleep at 10pm when suddenly flashes of light woke me up. There was a low rumbling shaking my tiny little tree house apartment. And lights, like flash bulbs, flashing every 3 to 8 seconds. I rushed around closing all my windows. It was the craziest thunder and lightning storm I'd ever seen!

I went outside in my PJ's and met my parents on the covered patio to watch the storm roll over the neighborhood. I took a little video:

California does not have storms like this! In fact, since I've moved here, I find myself talking about the weather a lot. It's a major topic of conversation. Winter makes everyone go into hibernation, but as soon as the trees start to bloom, the entire North End is teaming with bikers and hikers and dog walkers again as if nothing ever happened. All of our activities are subject to the weather.

I've been thinking about it and I've come to the conclusion that damp, grey weather is my least favorite. I need lots of sunshine and daylight. I just do. I don't like triple digit weather but I don't like single digit weather either.

I love sunny, breezy 75-degree days. But, I have to admit, a surprise thunder shower takes my breath away and wipes everything clean all at once. 

So, here it is: your 12th journal prompt. What is your favorite weather? Why? Are you a moody, drizzly day book worm? Or, do you love the white out conditions of a snow storm? Maybe you only come alive when the sun is high. Write it down! Have you noticed the weather affecting your mood? Write about that too!


This is Not the End,