Journal Prompt #8: Play Time

I don't know about you, but today I had a case of the Monday's. Maybe it's just me, but too many meetings have a sneaky way of draining all my energy. More than once today I looked at my calendar and said to myself, "Gee, more meetings... just what I always wanted."

Over the weekend, I was watching Oliver play in the backyard and greet every single neighbor as they passed by the back gate. The funny thing about this dog is that he acts as if he is always running his victory lap. He looks ridiculous but his enthusiasm is contagious. 

I think there is an art, especially in the hyper-connected age we are living in, to know how to engage in unscheduled playtime in a way that gives us more creative and physical energy... rather than depleting us. 

Which fits nicely with Journal Prompt #8

Here you go:

When was the last time you played - for the sheer joy of it.. not to accomplish or win something... just because that was the most fun way to pass the time? What did you do? What was so great about it?


This Is Not The End,