Good Advice: Journal Prompt #9

There is a tiny thing I wrote quite a while ago... A list of the advice my mother repeats to me. I originally posted this blog in August of 2010. But it makes me laugh and it's Mother's day so I thought I'd share it again...

Things your Mother may not have taught you but mine did:

  1. Don’t leave things lying around. Invite people into a peaceful place, no one needs more chaos.
  2. What’s not to like about you? Don’t hide in baggy clothes. Wear clothes that fit.
  3. Choose your friends carefully. Men can be pigs, but women can be far worse.
  4. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar gets rid of allergies and gives you beautiful skin but you must drink it. Everyday.
  5. When choosing perfume, remember that men are drawn to vanilla based scents. I don’t remember where I heard that. Probably on Oprah, so it must be true.
  6. There is no rush and you can be anything you set your mind to but keep in mind that I would like grandchildren before I’m too old to enjoy them.
  7. Trust me, finding the perfect fitting bra will change your life.
  8. If anything goes wrong, this is your Father’s visa card number.
  9. You should always have an even number of children, it’s just easier. This way they can raise each other.
  10. You like your hair better long.
  11. Never sleep on your side, it gives you wrinkles.
  12. A brisk walk does wonders for your mood because sometimes you just need to sweat it out.
  13. Finding a fabulous pair of shoes is an investment in your future.
  14. Diet Coke is so bad for you that it should be labeled “Liquid Satan”.
  15. Marry the one you have the most fun with but don’t cook dinner every single night. It sets a precedent that you’ll live to regret later.
  16. Remember, you are a lady. Work hard and show all those boys what you are really made of.
  17. Always wear clean underwear. Heaven forbid you get hit by a car.
  18. Call me when you get there.

And, in honor of Mother's day, here is your journal prompt for the week:

We are at week nine already, can you believe it?!

Journal Prompt #9:

What is the best or most outrageous advice your mother has ever given you?


This Is Not The End,