Journal Prompt #7: Never Say Never

Well, I recieved a text from my mom, while I was at work a few days ago. She announced that my dad had just returned home from walking the dog through the neighborhood and he said that a moose was walking down Ellis Street followed by two police cars.

I read the text out loud to my coworkers. They laughed and said that in all their years in Boise, this had never happened before. I'm new to the area. All this fresh air and real weather has me believing the things that the natives say. 

But, they say never an awful lot. As in, "It never snows this much!" "It never rains for this long!" "It never gets this cold this early!"

Sure enough, the local newspaper was already on the story. It's true. A moose was on the loose in the North End. 

But, this got me thinking... when am I using the word never? What magic am I closing myself off from when I let that word close the door on me?

So, here it is: Journal Prompt #7 - When do you use words like never? What might happen if you open yourself up to the possibility that it really could happen?


This Is Not The End,