Embrace The Climb: Journal Prompt 6

In our lives, we each have mountains to climb... emotional ones, actual ones, lessons to learn, challenges to face. You see, in every great story the hero faces a huge challenge... one that seems impossible, a long shot.

It's been quite a week. And, I am reminded again that sometimes we just need to sweat it out. Other times, we need to look outside ourselves and give what we have to someone else. Balancing out when to give and when to make progress on the mountains we are individually facing, is the toughest part. 

It seems, the only way to know the difference is to get real about the landscape you are surrounded with. We can either fight the mountain, complaining the whole way, and miss the lessons (and beauty) that the journey holds, or we can embrace the climb and invite others on the journey of a lifetime. 

Life is better, journeyed together. 

And, in case you're thinking of climbing actual hills, I've read this great article on learning to love running hills...

So, here is your journal prompt for the week:

Describe the mountain you are climbing. It helps to be specific and include sensory details. How long have you been climbing this particular mountain? How steep? It helps to clarify these things!


This Is Not The End,