Run! Journal Prompt #5

I've found myself in so many conversations lately about the future. We all have at least a handful of goals we'd like to accomplish... and with every goal, we walk through a certain amount of time where that goal feels like a longshot. 

A pipe dream.

The trouble is, this period of time is confusing and tricky. It can be so hard to differentiate between something that we want to escape and something that we want to happen. 

Are we running towards something great? Or, are we running away from something that we don't want?

Maybe the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves is to be honest about this process. Recognizing the things we are trying to flee robs them of their power. 

Running towards the future with a firm grip on our realities makes that future far more attainable.

So, here it is:

Journal prompt #5 - What are you running from? What are you running toward?


This Is Not The End,