Journal Prompt Monday: Let's Check In

I love to start these blogs as if we are already in the middle of a conversation... but this one might take some explaining.

There is a question I get a lot. In fact, someone asked me just yesterday, "How do you write?"

It wasn't a pen and paper vrs. laptop question. It was a how do you do it question. I realize I might be the weird one that enjoys stringing words and meaning together... most people don't write, even if they love to read. But, I've met an extraordinary amount of journalers lately...

Writing is one thing that helps me to connect to my own soul and the world around me. Writing reminds me that I am present at this moment - on purpose... that the earth is spinning and I am on it, not the center of it. It feeds me in a way that nothing can.

So, here's my plan:

Each Monday I am going to post a journal prompt. I've collected so many through teaching and grad school... 

How do I write?

I begin somewhere. Anywhere. It usually starts with a question that I need answered. This is one I've been wrestling with lately.

Here is Journal Prompt #1:


I love this question. When are you at your best? There are no wrong answers here. Make a list, write a paragraph... or pages. I bet you'll be surprised at what you uncover about yourself!

Happy journaling! Happy Monday!

This Is Not The End,