Happy Handmade Christmas

I am dog sitting for some dear friends this week which means Oliver and Simon are snoring comfortably on the couch while I am typing away at my less than comfy/warm kitchen table. On the bright side, It's 11am on a Monday morning, I'm putting the finishing touches on my Christmas gifts, wearing my favorite fuzzy slippers and surf shop hoodie... and feeling lucky indeed. 

While my family made a pact a few years ago to forgo gifts in favor of a vacation together each summer, we still like to shower my niece and nephew with little things... I knit a little, tiny dog for my niece, Payton, who loves little, tiny things. 


I modified this pattern and I think she'll love it. I also got her a little kit to make her own yarn animals. For Cole, who is 10, I found a fun little telescope that he can take with him on all his adventures. 

But, I also wanted to find something to make for my friends in the neighborhood. They already have tea towels... and that would be too obvious. So, I came up with these "over the doorway" signs.


I found precut wood at Lowe's and a cool set of alphabet silk screens and chalk paint at Michael's

Right now, I'm waiting for all these signs to dry so that I can seal them with paste wax and wrap them! Then comes the most fun part... delivering them!

Admittedly, I am terrible at keeping handmade gifts a secret... giving things like this at Christmas, or all year long, is so delightful!

And, now that all my grading is done, I am hatching big plans for 2016. I hope you'll join me. Until then, Merry Christmas!

This is Not the End,