Things Happen

Accidents happen all the time. I'm no stranger to accidents... especially in Los Angeles. About a week ago, as I was driving to work, minding my own business, I was rear-ended. This is my Jetta that I was planning on driving to Boise.

In an instant it was regarded as totaled by my insurance... In an instant my plans of driving my car (that I do NOT make payments on) to Boise was no longer possible. I'm fine... a little whiplash... and I found a good lawyer...

But, I've been thinking about this season of my life... this chance to start fresh... a new city, a new job, a new home, and now a new car... maybe I just wasn't supposed to bring the Jetta on this leg of the journey. Maybe letting go of seemingly essential things leaves my arms open to embrace all the newness coming my way.

I was driving through Downtown LA (in my rental car) the other day... on the 110 freeway. It's the oldest LA freeway and never meant to hold this many people. I remember being so afraid of this particular freeway when I first moved here. It's winding and narrow lanes, it's on/off ramps are nothing more than stop signs... up and over the highland park hills past Dodger Stadium and into the concrete jungle of one way streets and bank buildings. 

Almost 8 years later, I have memorized which lane to be in, all the curves, the hours to avoid it... As I drove it this last time the sun was a copper penny dipping into a hazy (smoggy) horizon and turning all the buildings pink. I had found an old zippered case of CD's I had made around the time I moved here (2006-2007)... in the bottom of the glovebox in the Jetta. I was enjoyinh listening to very old Alanis Morrisette and the Dixie Chicks and then it happened...

Patty Griffin came on singing, "When it Don't Come Easy" - Headlights are flashing on the highway, sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get home..." And suddenly I was reduced to a puddle. Have you ever noticed that songs about leaving Los Angeles are pretty depressing? Well: here's a playlist for you:

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