Saying Goodbye is Hard

I thought I understood this. Sure, saying goodbye is hard... of course it is... I've been telling myself that it's not goodbye - not really. It's "I'll talk to you soon." I keep trying to reassure myself and my friends that my move DOES NOT mean that I am breaking up with them. As I type this, tears are falling into my oatmeal... and a very slight rain is dripping down my windows.

On friday my dear girlfriends, Hannah and Laura, surprised me with afternoon tea at the Chado Tea Room in Downtown Pasadena. For nearly 3 hours we sat and sipped tea and ate salad and laughed so hard that people were staring - just like we do when the three of us meet for dinner once a month. This was our last one... now we are scheduling our facetime dates and planning our trips back and forth to visit each other.

I took the long way home after our tea. I wanted to drive my old streets one more time. I parked outside my very first Pasadena apartment... it's a wonder it's still standing - it looks the same - maybe smaller and dirtier. The landlord was a slumlord, there's mold and a leaky roof but I loved that old place... I did a lot of growing up here.

This is the view of Pasadena from the Balcony of Laura's new office. I lived in Pasadena for 6 years before moving to Long Beach last year. It's not the shiny place I remember... it's the city that gave me my first asthma attack... The city that remembers me as the girl who was hit by a car... But it's the city where I made so many amazing friends.

See the manhold cover in the crosswalk? That was the exact spot where I was walking when I was struck by the Nissan Versa on October 19th, 2009. I feel like I was a completely different person then. 

Again, I'm not leaving people - I'm leaving a city... in hopes that this next season is a whole lot simpler.