Home Coming

Saying goodbye to our year at the beach.

You know that feeling when you buckle yourself into your airplane seat and you've been standing in lines and proving that you are not a terrorist to grumpy TSA agents and taxying around the runway waiting to take off and your plane finally leaves the ground and your tummy stays on the ground for just a moment too long?

Way too many "what if's" start rushing through your head - did I forget something? Are we gonna make it? ...

Well, Oliver and I made it to Boise on Friday night. We are staying in the apartment above my parents garage. It's strange and great... people keep assuming that I've moved back home. But this isn't the home I grew up in at all. And previously, I've only visited Boise twice.

I keep having this feeling that I am going to have to return to my California reality at some point... then I remember that I did not purchase a return ticket.

I really must thank my amazing Long Beach neighbors who packed up my pod in an hour and a half flat and there was room to spare.

Amy and Arielle are fantastic neighbors AND movers.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry as they drove my pod away.

Over the weekend, I've been meeting my new neighbors who seem so eager to help as well - offering to pass along my resume to people they know... I feel blessed. And when my pod arrives on Wednesday morning I will be feeling more settled. Even Oliver keeps looking at his carry-on crate and my suitcase and waiting for me to load him back in and take him home...

We are home, Ollie.

It's taken 3 days for Oliver to learn to climb these stairs.

We ARE home!