A Chevron Quilt in Pieces

I bought some fabric a while ago with grand ideas of making a nice big quilt for my couch. I have this thing about blankets... I love throwing them over every chair, bed, couch... so that no matter where you sit - you can curl up. I realize that as I am typing, it's 10am and there is a fan blowing in every room because it's nearly 90 degrees in July. 

But, this weekend, I was inspired by pinterest once again. For example there is this quilt... or this one... and this is the pin that prompted my fabric purchase in the first place... I looked at it, so fresh and clean, and thought to myself - hey, I might be able to pull that off!

So here is my fabric stash - note to self: buy a new rotary blade because hacking at fabric with a dull blade is no fun at all.

So, I've established that I love blankets but I'm not sure that I've established how much I love that tangerine color... and turquoise too. See for your self>>>

As if I need another orange chevron pattern in my place... It's not really a matter of NEED at this point anyway.

I'm not a master at this quilting thing... piecing makes me a little nervous, I'm going slow so that my rows all line up... Here are my first few squares:

I have enough triangles to make at least a full size quilt and I'm pretty sure they multiplied in the box when I wasn't looking. I'll post updates on my quilting progress. Have a creative week!