The countdown has begun. Last night as I laid in bed, I was counting down my last California days. There are 26. I sold the last of my furniture yesterday as well. My new place is pretty much furnished which means I get to let go of everything here, take only the most important/can't live without stuff and make a really fresh start in the city of trees.

Speaking of trees... as I look around at my little place, which looks suspiciously like it's been robbed without furniture, I notice the one thing that piles up most... I'm not a person who lets clutter hang around long... but mail is the one thing that makes me feel totally disorganized. 

I've just never found a really fool proof system for dealing with the mail... It usually looks like this:

Paper mail is overwhelming to me.

When I was a kid, my sister and I shared a room. We shared clothes, friends, we even shared a car for awhile... and every year, just before Christmas and at the beginning of summer vacation my mom would hand us a box of Hefty trash bags and help us clean out our room. By clean, I mean, she would take everything off the walls, shelves, bulletin boards, closets, and drawersand put in a huge pile in the middle of the room and we would have to pick up each thing and decide if it was (A) trash, (B) to give to the salvation army, or (C) to be put away.

I used to hate this. 

Now I love it. I almost wish I could make a living cleaning out closets... there is something so freeing about editing and organizing your life. Maybe I'm the only one who enjoys dropping things off at Goodwill or throwing big bags in the dumpster.

...But this paper. It's bugging me. I have to find a better way...

Here's my goal for editing my stuff: keep half as much as I give away.

Wish me luck!