On the Move

There comes a time when "I can't do this" turns into "I must make a change"... when life leaves you feeling like you are stuck in the rinse cycle and you start wondering if your life might look different if only you had the courage to let go of all you've been trying to hold together and took a dive into the unknown.

In storytelling there is a trope - a well known/overused literary device - Answering the Call... when the hero/leading lady is forced to decide whether she should hold onto her familiar life or let go of everything in order to answer the call - follow her heart...

I had this exact moment a couple weeks ago. I had been passed over for a full time teaching position in a small college town by the neglegence of a website administrator. My application, along with a few hundred applicants, went unnoticed as the position had already been filled and no one bothered to delete the posting. It wasn't just the job that disappointed me - it was the idea that I could start fresh in a new city where the pace is a little slower, the cost of living lower, the smog and traffic and population almost a non-issue compared to my Southern California home. 

It was almost my birthday as well and as usual the writer in me was trying to mine, excavate, yank some meaning from this little life I've created for myself.

I needed a new plan. So, on August 15th - about a month from today - I am putting my possessions in a Pod and loading Oliver into my Jetta and moving to Boise, ID... to be closer to my parents, to focus more on freelance projects and Wild Quarterly... and to make a new start.

There comes a time when "I can't" is no longer a quitters anthem - it's a declaration of independence, a call to let go and start again. And virtually speaking, you will still find me right here. Of course I'll be writing it all down and I hope you'll join me. I have no idea what to expect from all that lies ahead, but I do know it'll be an adventure.