Wild Throws a Kickstarter

Well, it's been a crazy few weeks around here! I'm learning an awful lot - mostly about putting myself out there and asking people to join me... it takes a good story, a handful of supportive friends/family, and a whole lot of nerve. 

So, Tuesday night, Wild's kickstarter campaign went live for the world to see and donate to and gain a larger audience. We have 11 days left and $5, 245.00 to go. 

I guess the question is: Why are we doing this to ourselves?

I remember, early on in my graduate program, sitting down with a professor (I'm pretty sure it was Amy Gertzler, a fantastic poet) and the first thing out of my mouth was this: "I feel as though by enrolling in this writing program and choosing a writing life, I may have inadvertently signed myself up for solitary confinement - and I'm worried it's a life sentence."

Amy looked at me for a moment, her words we soft and gentle. She said, "The fact that you are aware of this need in your life is a good thing. I'm not worried about you. So let's talk about this accident you were in..."

After that I found myself seeking ways to connect with other writers and artists. In fact, these days I meet my friend Mindi at starbucks once a week just to sit and write beside her... No matter what great things we accomplish on our own, we need the support and energy and feedback of fellow artists. We just do. No matter how introverted we are.

When Jess and I first started talking about creating a literary journal, it was going to be a little blog - manageable and just for us and our friends - something that let us publish and share stories. But the more I thought about it, the more I shared the idea, the more I put this story "out there" everything shifted. Jess has moved on to complete her own MFA and now it's just me... my brother helps with graphics (and we write an advice column together) and a handful of friends/columnists who are awesome. But we have big plans.

The focus of Wild Quarterly is 2 things. It's always been about 2 things.

1: A place to publish new creative art/writing for the world to see. (Website + Print Edition)

2: A space to build lasting community around the arts that promotes excellent storytelling in different genres/mediums. (Art shows/Literary Readings/workshops/retreats)

This is Wild's what we believe statement: (which I love reading outloud because it reminds me why I am doing all this!)

I hope you are inspired to take a wild risk of your own today. I hope you are inspired to join our kickstarter... and share this with everyone you know!